Monday, March 9, 2015

Coach Val's Herba Healthy Meal Pancake Recipe

Several of my clients and Herba members on my team have requested how to include your Healthy Meal powder in a meal form rather than a shake. Here's a Breakfast meal sample of what I had this morning.  Instead of a shake, I transformed my breakfast into light and thin healthy pancakes.

My healthy Herbalife Pancake Recipe:
-- Formula1 - Healthy Meal in your favorite flavor (2 scoops)
-- 2 egg whites
-- 1/4 cup of water
-- Coconut oil spray
-- 1 cup of frozen mixed berries

1) Mix the 2 scoops of the healthy meal powder, the egg whites, and the water in a mixing bowl.
2) set your stove top to medium heat and Spray your pan with coconut oil spray.
3) Add half of your mix onto the pan to cook. Flip to cook both sides. Add the remainder of the mix and repeat until cooked. They cook rather fast; therefore, never leave unattended or they will burn.
4) Optional: Warm up your mixed berries on the stove top (or) microwave for a little until they become a little tender and create a little sauce on the bottom. Add this to the top of your pancakes for a natural and sweet taste.