Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jump Rope Workouts that you can do from Home!

Try these jump rope workouts that you can do from home!  Easy and quick to do, that will definitely bring you results.

My only recommendations are to make sure you get a "high speed jump rope."  I tried using my children's jump rope and it really isn't the same, it's hard and difficult since they are too small and made more for children and fun.  High Speed jump ropes are as long as 9" and may be found amazon for less than $10 in a variety of colors.  The one that I love and find works wonderful for me, may be found on the top right of my site, where it says "my favorite home workouts and equipment;" affordable, light weight, and easy to use! :) 

Check this out...

Jump Rope Workout

You will need the following:
• High Speed Jump Rope
• Kettlebell (5 lbs to 8 lbs will work great)