Monday, August 19, 2013

FitClubUnited Mom's Favorite Healthy Food Finds

There are many healthy food finds that you can incorporate to your Nutritional Menu Plans.  However, many are not easy to find if your local supermarket doesn't have an organic section, which means you may have to look online to purchase them.  Therefore, to make life easier for most of you that have been asking me....I complied some of my favorite healthy food finds that you may constantly find me posting or using within my healthy meals.

Some examples of my favorite must have healthy finds include the following:
• Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (helps prevent cancer, detox, and burn fat)
• PB2 (Peanut Butter with less fat)
• Chia Seeds (rich in omega-3, protein, fiber, and helps eliminate belly fat)
• Organic Coconut Oil (cook with 1 tablespoon or less of this, instead of using canola oil, vegetable oil, or butter)
• Dandelion Root Tea Bags (eliminate water weight by drinking this once a day; fill a pitcher of water and add 1 tea bag - great daily dandelion water detox)
• Raw almonds
• Quinoa (High protein healthy starch with health benefits and less calories than brown or white rice).
• Condiments to cook with: Mrs Dash products, Adobo Light.

The products may all be found on Amazon; below are the direct links to the products I often love to keep in my pantry and incorporate in my meals.

{click here to view it via Amazon's site}